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IrambintSafia's thoughts and life in images

I am grateful Ya Rab
The path to sunnah parenting is a life long undertaking

I am on the Sunnah



12 life codes I go by

I hope you would like these codes of life.

The free course is now available to all

Check the videos below:) Three days, three topics 1. Mindsets 2. Focus and Productivity 3. Self Improvement/ Empowerment

Hearts Minds and Families

A project to bring safe conversational spaces for mothers.

IMG_2149 2
Check out the series of amazing homeschoolers

I brought a solution to my homeschooling community by presenting to the new and old homeschoolers these fabulous women entrepreneurs who are giving out their best to the world. They started their journeys as simple homeschooling moms and turned out to become amazing strong women helping other moms and children.Excellence mindset! Have you checked out the series? It's on my Youtube channel. Hope you benefit.

Describe your image

Small kind gestures are the a foundation to a strong personality.

Love makes everyone brave. Love unconditionally

Parenting isn't a fairly tale but we sure our the the hero of our stories

Short Free course 

Self Development Kickstarter

Day 1:

What's your mindset?

Day 2:

Focus and Productivity