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I am grateful Ya Rab

The path to sunnah parenting is a life long undertaking

I am on the Sunnah



12 life codes I go by

I hope you would like these codes of life.

The free course is now available to all

Check the videos below:) Three days, three topics 1. Mindsets 2. Focus and Productivity 3. Self Improvement/ Empowerment

Hearts Minds and Families

A project to bring safe conversational spaces for mothers.


IMG_2149 2


Check out the series of amazing homeschoolers

I brought a solution to my homeschooling community by presenting to the new and old homeschoolers these fabulous women entrepreneurs who are giving out their best to the world. They started their journeys as simple homeschooling moms and turned out to become amazing strong women helping other moms and children.Excellence mindset! Have you checked out the series? It's on my Youtube channel. Hope you benefit.

Describe your image

Small kind gestures are the a foundation to a strong personality.

Love makes everyone brave. Love unconditionally

Parenting isn't a fairly tale but we sure our the the hero of our stories

Short Free course 

Self Development Kickstarter

Day 1:

What's your mindset?

Day 2:

Focus and Productivity 

Day 3:

Self Improvement/

Self Empowerment 

IrambintSafia is always eager to know 

How can I be of service


Amir Rafique 

Fantastic research always, love the attention to detail in thought process and presentation 


I'm at stage in life where my kids are adults. I feel like this workshop is helping me help them to lead their lives as adults. I"m happier and content. May Allah swt bless Iram for starting this amazing workshop and letting us be part of the journey.  She helped me fall in love with myself.


Iram is a highly intuitive coach who is passionate about helping women be the best they can be.

Her first class of 7ps of self development gave me tools to discover my strengths, to create a greater sense of purpose how to treat myself with love and respect, and to self-manage stressful situations.

I gained a healthier sense of personal power and creativity.

I would recommend her to anyone who is committed to personal development and wants to step into the new, supported by an exceptionally well qualified and wise guide.

I love her passion, enthusiasm and vibrating energy, and her coaching style helps me to see the world from new broader perspectives. Really Looking forward to the future classes offered by her for the betterment of my own self development and for the community.

Tamkanat Mirza

I absolutely LOVE your approach to teaching and coaching! Your holistic view of self development touches every area of our lives: self-acceptance, enablement, relationship management, spiritual connection and finding our purpose. I am super excited about going on this journey with you, InShaa Allah! 

With your help, I am already becoming more able to accept and embrace my imperfections. Thank you for helping me believe that I am enough, Alhumdulillah! I love your authenticity that is reflected in everything you do.

Can't wait to join you for future classes and begin this journey of continuous improvement!

You are working sooo hard mashallah and your course is worth much more than your asking for honestly. Just from the small clips I have watched I was absolutely intrigued. Mashallah Allah has gifted you with this amazing skill to speak soo eloquently and with ease mashallah.

I have done soo many short courses and I can tell yours is by far absolutely amazing love the way you combine secular research with the deen mashallah!!

I pray pray that Allah grant you sooo much more success, blessings and happiness always.

#Growthmindset all the way


Dearest Iram, 

First and foremost Jazak Allah khair for an awesome 3day free course. May allah (swt) reward you for you effort and time. The short course was very very beneficial. It really really got me thinking about myself and my personality.  Inshallah this will get me to look at my self differently and more positively about oneself.

I feel that we as woman face many challenges. And we need a space like this which will boost our confidence and help us become more prepared.  Being steadfast not only for our worldly challenges but also for our akhirah.

Rodha Omar 

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