Celebrating all mothers.

Celebrating motherhood is a bitter sweet thing.

I don’t know of a single mother who has not felt pain,sadness, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, depression, doubt.

And yet managed to




😣work so hard that bones seem to shatter and yet give tight bear hugs

😢After crying in the shower, and telling herself she is ok .. she will be ok .. she has to be ok,

Picks up the car keys and says let’s have ice cream🍦 at the park.

Who in the middle of a marital havoc, irons Eid clothes or shadi clothes or cooks biryani or kheer ( God knows how many tears that dish has absorbed ) only because

she does not want to ruin it for the kids.

Who has no time for her facial or make up or even henna but makes sure the kids have everything matching and easy to go.

And at 3:00 am at night decides she can mange to do some spa work!

“2 hours of sleep and I will be good to go”,she tells herself that ollllldddd sneaky lie !

A mom who feels guilty for working all day, because she cannot handle her abusive adult relationships but misses her kids and kisses them while they sleep , apologizing to them telling them she loves them so much, sobbing and thinking what a horrible person I am.

The mom who has a supportive life partner to take care of their special needs child or children.

The mom who is blessed with a healthy spouse and children but struggles with her own health and worries about them day and night.

❤️‍🩹The mom who remembers their child and makes dua to meet him/her/them in Jannah.

Mom, who put everything on line,faced the heat,broke the generational cycle, and saved her children from trauma.

Mom who lives in abuse thinking this is best for my children until they are old enough.

A woman as a human is flawed and in her role as a mother might make quiet some mistakes.

But the important thing to remember is, mothers are the heart of humanity. Their nurture breathes into the fabric of society. A spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally healthy mother, is a gift to three generations. Daughters/ granddaughters and great granddaughters!

I celebrate🎉

💖The mentally hit

💖The physically weak

💖The internally struggling chaotic being

💖The emotionally exhausted

💖The sincerely trying

💖The admirably honest wearing her badges of recovery

💖The unsure, uncertain timid gentle being

💖The superwomen who is blind to her strengths

💖The one that has stopped listening to her inner child

💖The fatigued warrior, for she had no choice but to fight with all her might

💖A mother, my mother, your mother , our mothers …

Thank you to the women, who have held our hands and hearts in their wombs and outside.


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