Your awareness awaits you dear soul

🤷🏾‍♂️We humans are Ajeeb! ( strange )

🥺We let go our freedom to choose in matters that are human,

🥺And we get stuck in matters of choice that are Divine.

Choosing to leave abuse,

to migrate,

to gain knowledge,

to strive for Akhirah and having patience and perseverances in the face of adversities

are scenarios where choices are possible, they are tough but nothing changes until we rely on Allah and our effort.

Having a special needs child,

dealing with sickness,

having no children,

not being able to live the life we once planned for,

loss of our loved ones due to


mental illness,

senseless killing,


the divide of Rizq,

sometimes cannot be assessed or escaped from.

Adversities always don’t make sense. We try to learn and understand why things happen but no one truly has a complete grasp.

🔑But the thing is, unless we are connected to Rab, through Quran, through continuous spiritual resources , be it courses , classes , good company, our extra Ibadah, a struggle with our nafs, we won’t understand the secret of choice.

Everyone struggles, but some do better than others.


Everyone will eventually reach the destination, but some have a better grip during the bumpy ride of this life.

Knowing how to gain that grip,

📿The rope of Allah! Quran ❤️ is the only key!

🔑The key that unlocks so many doors.












and so much more.

Your door will definitely be different from mine, your connection to Allah, your spirituality, your peace is uniquely yours!

Our awareness, awaits us to avail this key,

May we taste the sweetness of living the life of an aware/ conscious momin,







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